PR for startups

Affordable from the start


When you’re just starting out, costs really matter. Spending wisely and having the certainty of knowing there will be no surprise outlays to blow your budget is important.

HomeGrown’s DIY package is for startups that are just testing the waters with PR. It contains all the tools and resources you need to start and run a successful PR programme.

HomeGrown is here for you.


If you have the skillset you need but lacking the know-how and tools, then this is the package for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. You fill out your intro quiz so Homegrown has everything needed to understand your business and its aims, then on your intro call, HomeGrown will use this information to map out and agree quarterly PR objectives.

2. Within a week of the call, you’ll receive a 3-month plan that’ll show you how you’re going to meet these, that’s realistic for your stage of business and includes quick-win tactics that will get you going in your first few weeks. We’ll set up our second 1:1 to make sure that you’re confident in your execution and off you go!

3. On our third call, we’ll go over you initial results and your next phase of activity, we’ll make any tweaks we need to keep you on track and get you any additional support you need.

From clicking buy now until your programme is up and running takes a maximum of two weeks.

*All the templates, training, tools and resources you need to get your strategy working like a dream are included!


Get in touch to talk through your goals

If you’d like HomeGrown’s help taking your first steps in PR, get in touch to discuss your options.

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