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Best value PR

How HomeGrown can help

Sick of feeling like you’re always coming up short when communicating your business, despite having a strong story to tell? Do you feel disadvantaged because bigger companies or brands have the money to hire in the best talent or employ the top PR agencies?

It doesn’t have to be that way.


The best of agency and in-house

A hybrid PR model

HomeGrown created the Hybrid PR model by taking the best of agency PR and the best of in-house: the senior experience you get from a seasoned PR agency lead and the long-term value you get from your own employee who gets to know your brand as well as you do, that shares the joy of every win and is as fiercely protective over your reputation as you are.

Best value PR

The beauty of HomeGrown is that by using a single consistent, long-term partner for training and counsel, you make the most of talent by investing in their careers, without compromising on experience.

The result? Achieving best value for your business.

Sounds perfect, right?

If you’re nodding along and agree it’s time to level the playing field, you’re ready to learn about HomeGrown.

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Helping startups to take their first steps in PR

Hybrid PR

An affordable approach to PR that grows talent into trusted PR managers

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Adhoc project work based on strategic counsel and data driven insights