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Welcome to the Hybrid PR model.

Hybrid PR takes the best of agency PR and the best of in-house: the senior experience you get from a seasoned PR agency lead and the long-term value you get from your own employee who knows your brand as well as you do, that shares the joy of every win and is as fiercely protective over your reputation as you are. 

With Hybrid PR, businesses can make the most of employee potential. Once we’ve identified the team member that’s going to train as your PR Manager, HomeGrown upskills them, teaching them to understand and anticipate the PR industry. By providing the right strategy, supervision and a safe pair of hands for difficult questions and issues that arise, HomeGrown provides agency-level training to your employee so while they’re on their 12-month journey to becoming an accomplished PR Manager, you’re always in safe hands.

Costing 50% less than an agency retainer or a senior in-house hire, with HomeGrown, PR becomes affordable, accessible and can help to reintroduce market-place competition.

This is Hybrid PR.


How we work

Working together we’ll identify the right person, someone who’s passionate and invested in you, that’s craving enhanced career progression and continued improvement.

HomeGrown will then work with them to design and execute your PR strategy and get you the recognition you deserve.

Don’t have a Strategy?

That’s ok, HomeGrown can take care of that too and will get your new PR person involved in its creation, ready for the days when they’ll be flying solo.

Combining specialist recruitment and training with ongoing senior counsel, you’ll have your own employee managing all PR activities after 12-months.

From planning creative campaigns that make you stand out, to providing top notch analysis and measurement that proves PR’s worth.

They will add value to your business you can’t do without.

This is Hybrid PR.

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