What Are the routes to PR?

Need help with PR?

Which type of PR is right for you?

At some point every business starts thinking about how PR could help it to scale more quickly. This is usually followed by the question “how much does PR cost?”

Despite that question usually being met with shrugs, by answering a few simple questions to figure out your needs and goals, you can figure out what the best route to PR is for you and how much it will cost.  

Try out the flow chart below to find out which kind of PR is best for you and take your first step towards achieving the headlines you deserve.


What kind of PR is best for you?

Routes to PR flow chart

So what’s the difference?

Freelance PR Support

Average day rates are around £326. If you’re just dipping a toe into PR, need top up support or don’t have large budgets that you commit month on month, appointing a freelancer can be a great way to access PR. Your money is better spent when project work aligns with other comms activity and your commercial aims so make sure you ask how the freelancer will make this happen at the same time as you talk through credentials and costs.

Hybrid / DIY PR Support

With Hybrid PR, you’re choosing to train your own Senior PR Manager using an agency training model. This way, your business gets the attention they deserve while keeping PR costs in line with growth and providing career accelerating roles. Hybrid PR costs 30% less than you’d spend making an internal senior hire or working with a small PR agency.

DIY PR helps you take your first steps with PR. Together we’ll create quarterly PR goals that align with your business objectives, a plan that shows how to chieve them and everything you need to implement the suggested tactics.

Agency PR Support

If you choose to retain an agency, the smaller PR agencies will charge you on average around £5k per month. This doesn’t go far so you’ll likely only get a small press office function, limited proactive work and campaigns will be charged separately. However, you will benefit from a whole team’s experience, creativity and availability. In the beginning, this can be a time heavy investment while you help the team get to know your business but once trained you should expect a first-rate service.

In-house Senior Hire

An In-House Senior Manager is often seen as the holy grail, an on-tap resource that isn’t distracted by other clients and industries but they do come at a cost. Average salaries are around £48k, a substantial amount for young scale-up businesses to set aside each month and that’s before operational costs. That said, you are paying for someone who already knows your industry, has a vast amount of PR experience and isn’t afraid to get stuck into the day-to-day work.

HomeGrown PR can help

Now you have a clearer idea of the support you’ll need to run the PR programme you are imagining, you’re ready to start your selection process. Good luck!

If Hybrid PR, DIY PR or Freelance Support (consultancy) have caught your attention, HomeGrown can help…



Take your first steps in PR. Starting with goal and a plan, you’ll get everything you need to successfully run a 3-month PR programme.

Hybrid PR

Success breeds success. Tap into the talent, ambition and potential of a team member whose PR experience will grow in tandem with your business.


Commission a PR project that aligns with your commercial aims while factoring in audience and macro insights.

Download the PDF

If you need help navigating the types of PR support available then download HomeGrown’s flow chart. And, if it’s Hybrid PR, DIY PR or Freelance Support (consultancy) that seem to suit your needs best, let’s set up a call to see how HomeGrown might be able to help!

“Donna and her team have the rare combination of strategy and execution in PR that drove significant awareness and value to our company as we launched in EMEA. She gave us insight, feedback and direction on how best to plan our PR efforts and coordinate across multiple teams. Donna is also a great Human.”

- Dan Lowden, CMO HUMAN Security

“I first met Donna during my placement year in agency. Donna contributed heavily to my understanding of the PR world by scheduling regular training sessions with me that covered everything from client presentations, pitch emails and press releases, and how to identify comment opportunities for our clients. Her help during this time was crucial to building my confidence and understanding of the PR sector”

- Rachel Bennett, Junior Exec

“Donna was my first line manager and my first introduction into the world of PR - Her pride in teaching the next generation of PRs was always clear to see and I learned a huge amount from her. I left traditional PR to join a Strategic Comms Consultancy, and the skills Donna taught me continue to carry me through my career to date.”

- Alice Humphreys, Junior Exec

“Donna ran the team that supported me for EMEA and APAC Analyst Relations at Rackspace. She coached and guided her team well to make the shift of tone needed for dealing with professionally sceptical analysts. She was always very reliable, so I had no hesitation in entrusting her with highly visible activities such as C-level briefings. An overall strong team lead for Comms!”

- Simon Abrahams, Product Marketing Director, SolarWinds


“Donna’s expertise in the field is invaluable. She developed my skills across all aspects of PR, with her warm, compassionate and engaging manner. She is a great leader and role model.”

- Will Booth, Junior Exec


“Donna’s industry knowledge, engaging manner and style of mentoring really helped me in the early years of my PR career; she taught me how to run a press office and launch successful campaigns. She’s kind, understanding and a great leader.”

- Hannah Shields, Junior Exec


"I couldn’t have been more grateful to have Donna as my line-manager back when I was working in PR. Not only was she guiding me to enhance my skills but she also helped me to gain more confidence in my role and strengths as I was constantly underestimating myself. She was the mentor I needed back then and her support and guidance led me to a senior role promotion."

- Ena Cosic, Junior Exec

“Working with HomeGrown was our first introduction to PR. We wanted to see if PR could work for us and whether we should consider making it part of our long-term strategy. We liked the idea of the Hybrid model but wanted reassurance before committing to the programme so agreed on a short-term project to see if HomeGrown was compatible with Dolphin. We were really pleased with the results of the initial project and are now considering how to launch the next phase of our PR journey.”

- Simon Kitchen, Marketing Manager, Dolphin Compter Access

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