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Meet HomeGrown PR

PR has always been shrouded in mystery. Unless you’re in the industry, understanding what it is, how it works and its value can be a stretch, and justifying the cost is even harder!

To make PR work for today’s businesses, it’s time to start insisting on direct, transparent conversations, stop thinking about the PR world in black and white and instead combine the best of agency and in-house know-how.
What agencies often don’t tell you, is that much of the work undertaken for you is actually done by a junior team that’s carefully guided and checked by a more senior person to ensure it fits with the agreed strategy and hits the success metrics.

This model is entirely effective and there is no reason not to use it. In fact, it is entirely replicable for businesses who value their own employees and want to make the most of existing talent but need the right strategy, supervision and a safe pair of hands ready to step in when difficult questions and issues arise.

With the right guidance, businesses with any budget can run a successful PR programme and start getting your story heard.

That’s where HomeGrown PR comes in.

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‘Big Brand’ PR


HomeGrown aims to reignite marketplace competition by making ‘big brand’ PR accessible to early-stage businesses.

It’s not just about making PR affordable to businesses but about creating career enhancing opportunities that encourage loyalty and improve retention which are essential if young businesses are to weather the present economic conditions.

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Unique and affordable


HomeGrown PR enables businesses to challenge market leaders with its unique and affordable approach to PR.

Many early-stage businesses believe that ‘big brand’ PR is out of reach which simply isn’t true when you think beyond the constraints of traditional PR models and blend the best of agency and in-house methods.  

With training at its core, HomeGrown offers three services which enable businesses to access PR expertise and upskill their teams at the same time. 

DIY PRhelping startups to take their first supported steps in PR. Together we design quarterly PR goals that align with your business objectives, craft a plan that shows how to achieve them and then the business executes the plan by following a detailed guide to the suggested tactics, helping to coach and up-skill your employees as the months unfold.

Hybrid PR – aimed at scaleups who have ambition and potential within their team already. Interested businesses choose to develop their own Senior PR Manager using an agency training model with the added safety net of senior PR support throughout the 12-month programme . This way, the business gets the attention they deserve while keeping PR costs in line with growth and providing career enhancing roles. Hybrid PR costs 30% less than you’d spend making an internal senior hire or working with a small PR agency. 

Freelance PR – Whether businesses need a sounding board, a new strategy, a messaging overhaul, spokesperson training, crisis and reputation management, an objective perspective or just an extra pair of hands during a busy time (to name just a few scenarios), there are times when outsourcing work is necessary. Even though the project is a one off, HomeGrown ensures it not only aligns with commercial aims but that the decision making process and methodology are shared too for internal awareness and training opportunities.

The benefits of working with us

By partnering with HomeGrown, you’ll get all the benefits of a senior PR agency lead coupled with a newly-skilled, motivated and invested team member transforming the upskilling period into a value add rather than a drain on resources.

Donna Miles, founder of HomeGrown PR

Meet Donna

I’ve worked in PR for 15 years, both agency and in-house for a broad range of b2b and consumer tech brands, most recently as Head of the Cyber Security practice at PAN UK. During that time, I’ve guided domestic and international teams through the execution of data-led PR strategies and creative campaigns that have successfully grown visibility, cultivated positive brand awareness and developed market differentiation for global and emerging companies throughout periods of stability and uncertainty. I’ve also coached and mentored PRs at every level from Junior PRs through to Account Directors and I take a huge amount of pride in all of their achievements.

It wasn’t until I examined the way PR was being offered that I realised that the PR industry had all the answers but processes had been siloed for too long. By combining best practice, it was possible to serve all businesses equally, at an affordable cost while navigating a challenging economy, reigniting marketplace competition and creating career enhancing roles.

From this, I created an entirely new PR model that’s firmly grounded in my personal value system and beliefs, it’s the cornerstone of HomeGrown’s services, and it’s called Hybrid PR.

“Donna and her team have the rare combination of strategy and execution in PR that drove significant awareness and value to our company as we launched in EMEA. She gave us insight, feedback and direction on how best to plan our PR efforts and coordinate across multiple teams. Donna is also a great Human.”

- Dan Lowden, CMO HUMAN Security

“I first met Donna during my placement year in agency. Donna contributed heavily to my understanding of the PR world by scheduling regular training sessions with me that covered everything from client presentations, pitch emails and press releases, and how to identify comment opportunities for our clients. Her help during this time was crucial to building my confidence and understanding of the PR sector”

- Rachel Bennett, Junior Exec

“Donna was my first line manager and my first introduction into the world of PR - Her pride in teaching the next generation of PRs was always clear to see and I learned a huge amount from her. I left traditional PR to join a Strategic Comms Consultancy, and the skills Donna taught me continue to carry me through my career to date.”

- Alice Humphreys, Junior Exec

“Donna ran the team that supported me for EMEA and APAC Analyst Relations at Rackspace. She coached and guided her team well to make the shift of tone needed for dealing with professionally sceptical analysts. She was always very reliable, so I had no hesitation in entrusting her with highly visible activities such as C-level briefings. An overall strong team lead for Comms!”

- Simon Abrahams, Product Marketing Director, SolarWinds


“Donna’s expertise in the field is invaluable. She developed my skills across all aspects of PR, with her warm, compassionate and engaging manner. She is a great leader and role model.”

- Will Booth, Junior Exec


“Donna’s industry knowledge, engaging manner and style of mentoring really helped me in the early years of my PR career; she taught me how to run a press office and launch successful campaigns. She’s kind, understanding and a great leader.”

- Hannah Shields, Junior Exec


"I couldn’t have been more grateful to have Donna as my line-manager back when I was working in PR. Not only was she guiding me to enhance my skills but she also helped me to gain more confidence in my role and strengths as I was constantly underestimating myself. She was the mentor I needed back then and her support and guidance led me to a senior role promotion."

- Ena Cosic, Junior Exec

“Working with HomeGrown was our first introduction to PR. We wanted to see if PR could work for us and whether we should consider making it part of our long-term strategy. We liked the idea of the Hybrid model but wanted reassurance before committing to the programme so agreed on a short-term project to see if HomeGrown was compatible with Dolphin. We were really pleased with the results of the initial project and are now considering how to launch the next phase of our PR journey.”

- Simon Kitchen, Marketing Manager, Dolphin Compter Access

You’ve met me, now I’d love to meet you.

If you have ambitions to get your story heard but feel like ‘big brand’ PR has been out of reach until now, let’s schedule a chat.


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